Our Industry Firsts


Vessel design industry first’s -

  • Deck Space of 150M2 – 80% greater, dedicated walk ways for safe access and egress.
  • 4 x 20ft containers – 200% more than anything on the market
  • 36,000L fuel – supply 32,000L – 200%
  • Payload of 65T – 200% greater than anything on the market
  • Fuel pump speed 200L-Min – 200% faster than anyone else



Industry first 30-04-14 - Delivering 6x10ft containers and 1x6ft container of critical spares to the Pacific Osprey, saving a minimum of a supply ship a saving in the region of £30,000.

Industry first 01-06-14 - Delivering 16T of fuel to turbine generators in one day

Industry first 01-06-14 - Delivering 55T of fuel to turbine generators in a week

Industry first 08-06-14 - Delivering 2x17.5T 20ft containers to the cable lay ship and 20T of fuel to continue refuelling generators.

Industry first 09-06-14 - Delivering a further 4 full generators, tanks and transformers, including 20T of fuel a total payload of 36T saving the Pacific Osprey 8 hours of re positioning time to load the generators on the TP’s, potential saving £50,000

Industry first 11-09-14 - Demobilising the remote generators, tanks and transformers. 44 Turbines in total ( 18 days to do the job with the Pacific Osprey, The MO1 completed this in 4 days without the Pacific Osprey. Back load of generators, tanks and transformers to the Pacific Osprey, a saving in the region of £1,500,000 for the Pacific Osprey in day rates, fuel, port costs and pilot fees.

Industry First 13-09-14 - The Loading and transporting of a 22T gearbox including sled, a 20ft 7T container with rigging, other equipment for the gearbox change out and two generators. Collection of the above equipment in Esbjerg, transport to the Pacific Osprey on the Horns Rev site. Potential saving in the region of £150,000 for the Pacific Osprey to proceed from the Dan Tysk site, to port, load the equipment and transit to site. Or minimum saving £30,000 for a supply ship.

Industry First 29-11-2014 - Delivery of 30T of water to the Dan Tysk sub station. Potential saving £45,000 in supply ship costs.

Industry First 01-01-15 - Delivery of 22T of work equipment to the Dan Tysk sub station. Potential saving £45,000 in supply ship costs.

Industry First 01-05-14 - 01-12-14 - Refuelling and servicing 44 Generators, 80 Yoyo’s and crane to service and repair. All completed with only the MO1! On a site 50NM offshore – Staggering.

Contract extended three times and now awarded a long term 2 year with 1+1 year options.

Speaks for its self, it has only worked on one site and they kept the ship!

Industry First 01-07-2015 - The MO2 was contracted by REDS to undertake dive support operations on the Gabbard wind farm working, a 20ft containerised DCC, many quads, spares container and 20ft container – drying room was fitted a total of 28T. The scope of work was extended further to what had been done in previous years and in previous years the reduced scope of work took a total of 4, 5 and 6 months to complete, we completed the full scope of work in two months a minimum saving of 60 days. On an estimated total cost per day including downtime of £22,500 the savings to our client of 60 days (MO2) operational was in the region of £1,350,000. We were then awarded further work by SSE and REDS.



We simply do more with the time we have on site...


How can we improve on this?

Analyse and implement the below enhancements -

  • Increase the bow fender size, length and height
  • Improve the design and compound of the fender increasing the compression of the fender
  • Overall increasing the compression and performance of the fender
  • Fit twin speed gearbox for greater efficiency – speed and bollard push
  • Fine tune the deckhouse layout – increasing space, light and comfort levels
  • Increase the efficiency of the hull design
  • Move the centre of gravity aft 1800mm increasing comfort and transfer height
  • Increase the fuel capacity (65,000L) to allow the back load of sub-station fuel
  • Increase the fuel pump speed to 500L-Min
  • Fit large fresh water tanks 60,000L with 500L-Min pump speed
  • Increase deck space to carry 6x20ft containers
  • Fit modular internal systems for easy change out to more passengers – change areas – survey suite.


Eleven substantial improvements implemented on a vessel design that has conducted many industry firsts and saved our clients potentially millions in only one year on site!


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