The Services Our Vessels Can Provide You

MO1, MO2, MO3, MO4
High Load, Fast Offshore Service Vessels
26M LOA x 10M Beam, Speed 30Kts, Payload 50T
12 Passengers can be increased to 30 industrial persons
Cargo 40T
Deck space 180m/2
Fuel from 36,000L up to 60,000L
Water from 20,000L up to 60,000L
Pump speeds of up to 500L/Min
Speed of 28Kts

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Fire Safety Plan


Dalby Derwent
Low draught, Fast Offshore Service Vessel
17M LOA x 6M Beam, Speed 24Kts, Payload 10T


Fairline Surveyor, Helen Mary, Maggie M
Multi Roll Asset Protection vessels.

Route Clearance
Guard Relief Work
Sediment Survey
Seismic Chase Work
Passenger Transfer
Pipeline Guard
Pre Lay Grapnel Work
Sediment + Impact Survey
Debris Recovery
Camera Work
Tide Surveys
Cargo Supply
Data Transfers
Support Duties
Equipment Deploy (Sub sea or Surface)
Equipment Recovery (Sub sea or Surface)
Shallow Water Surveys
Emergency Response Vessel
Standby Vessel
Cable Lay Support Vessel
Bathometric Surveys
Side Scan Surveys
Offshore Point of Contact
Offshore Coordination Centre
Asset Protection
Die Chasing





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